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“Being a Venezuelan woman is to be a fighter who advances in the pursuit of her dreams through study and hard work. She does everything not to depend on anyone" - Yuceilis

by Ana Clara Bernardes

Yuceilis (24) is married and a mother of a baby girl. She arrived in Boa Vista 11 months ago and lives at the shelter Rondon 1. In Venezuela, she graduated in management and worked as an accounting assistant at a company. She considers that before the crisis in Venezuela, her life was good and comfortable. She used to go out to the movies with her friends from church or college. However, that all changed drastically when scarcity of food medicine started and the possibility of keeping her job faded. These motives were added to the obstacles of being a mother in a country in which basic children's products, like diapers, became extremely expensive. This was crucial to her decision to come to Brazil. 


Yuceilis considers herself an honest, hardworking and communicative woman. In the shelter, she always tries to teach people new Portuguese expressions. She greatly admires Brazilian culture and tells us that she especially loves the food and the music. Yuceilis admits that before arriving here she believed that samba was the most appreciated rhythm in Brazil. Now she realized that there are many other musical genres that are an intrinsic part of Brazilians’ life. Another fact that the young girl admires about Brazilians is their proactivity in helping Venezuelans and the patience they demonstrate towards them.


Photo: Fabricio Carrijo

Yuceilis came to Boa Vista only with her daughter. Her husband, who is still in Venezuela, will be coming to Brazil soon. She says that she misses her partner a lot and hopes that soon they will reunite. They plan to rebuild their family life in Santa Catarina, in the South of Brazil.

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