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Photo: Katarzyna Górka

“There are people who come to Brazil because of extreme circumstances they can’t control.” - Ambar

By Rafaela Gomes

Ambar Gonzales Venezuela is 38 years old and defines herself as a brave, determined and hopeful person. She used to live in Anzoátegui, Venezuela, with her entire family on her parents’ large property. There she helped to build apartments for her siblings so they could stay close and the family could live all together. Her life in Venezuela was economically stable. She could afford to travel with her family during holidays and vacations and often went to her children's games and sports competitions.
As a person dedicated to studies, Ambar graduated in Computer Engineering and worked at the city hall in her home town. The main reason why she came from Venezuela to Brazil with her youngest son and husband, leaving behind their two older children, was the health condition of the boy, who is a cancer patient. Ambar tells us about the country’s shortage of needed medicine for her son’s chemotherapy, and the internet campaigns she ran to gather the money to import the medicines. But the costs to get the medicine became too high and it reached a point in which the campaigns were no longer effective.
Therefore, she started searching the Internet for countries where her son could receive adequate treatment free of charge. This led her to Brazil, which was also convenient because of the proximity to her native country. With the help of her family, she came to Boa Vista seeking medical treatment for her son. Despite all the difficulties of living in a shelter, Ambar says she is very pleased with the idea of ​​staying in Brazil and expresses her desire to adapt more and more to Brazilian customs, learn the language and rebuild her life here. She has also shown love and gratitude she feels for her home country, and feels blessed for the years she has been able to enjoy it. Currently, with the support of civil society organizations, the family was sent to Brasilia so their son could get his healthcare treatment.

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