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Photo: Lisiane Aguiar

“As a Christian family, we seek to have fun other ways than going out to drink or dance. We like to go to the church, spend time with family and take care of our children’s education.”-  Yraída

by Lisiane Aguiar

Yraída (32) has been in the Nova Canaã shelter in Boa Vista since May 2018 with her husband and two children. In Venezuela, she used to be an undergraduate student of System Engineering and recalls that her life was completely different since her partner and she were both working and studying. They used to live in a comfortable house in Macaraibo. With the crisis, everything has changed. Without work, food, medicines and viable perspectives of change of this situation, the only solution for them was to search for new possibilities in another country. They decided to migrate to Brazil since part of her family was already in Boa Vista and they would support them on arrival. Yraída reflects that when she arrived in Brazil she was a little afraid since she didn’t know the language. But she has no doubt that it is worth being here because Brazil seems like a place with good opportunities to start over. At the moment, she hopes to be transferred to Rio Grande do Sul, because many of her friends recommended it as a good place to get a job.

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Photo: Lisiane Aguiar

She always tries to follow her Christian faith and she notes that it is a totally different path from what most people seek, like drinking and going out to parties. The family’s routine at the shelter consists of waking up at 6 am and prepare the children’s breakfast, take them to school, then return to clean up their tent. She tries to keep it as clean and tidy as possible. Since, so far, there is no perspective for moving out of the shelter. She does not know when her family’s interiorization will take place. In the meanwhile, she tries to turn that small space into a home for her family.

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