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  Photo: Fabricio Carrijo

“I thought people here would treat me bad, but they treat me very well" - Ilari

by Ana Clara Bernardes e Amanda Palácio

Ilari Diaz (20) is from Puerto La Cruz, in the state of Anzoategui (Venezuela) where she worked in the security sector. Ilari considers herself a hard-working and humble woman and who is always looking for the best for her family. The shortage of food and medicines drove her to look for a better future for her family in Brazil. She left Venezuela in 2018 and has been living in the shelter Rondon 1 for four months now. Back home, her modest salary was enough to buy only some basic food items, there was nothing left for any kind of leisure or more sophisticated products. At the moment, the greatest challenge she perceives is to provide a better and decent future for her daughters.

Ilari likes her new country and Brazilians very much but admits she was not expecting to be treated so well here. Still, the reality is difficult for her as in the shelter every day is the same, and she has difficulties finding any kind of job. This also affects her future plans, as she is not able to save any money. Despite these circumstances, Ilari is optimistic about Venezuela's future and believes that the situation in her country will improve and soon she will be able to return with her family to their hometown. She would like to have her own house again. She greatly misses her life in Venezuela,  especially the music and traditional food, which, as she says, is it is impossible to get in the shelter.   

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Photo: Fabricio Carrijo

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